• Claire Bailly-Jean Magerand: Biodigital presentation
  • Prof. Seugman Baek: Seoul Renaissance; Seoul for the Future
  • Armand Béhar: Imaginary Worlds
  • Bertrand Lemoine: Presentation of the Grand Paris context
  • Roland Vidal: Agriculture, landscape and food governance
  • Angel Talamona: Instant mobile social networks and urban mobility
  • André Fleury: Agriculture projects
  • Claire Bailly-Jean Magerand: Contemporary Issues
  • Pierre-Yvon Carnoy: Public spaces and digital spaces, writings and interpretations
  • Elodie Gerard: BIM and 3d in an architectural agency
  • Eve Ross: Collaborative model
  • Emmanuel Natchitz: Urban and ICT engineering
    Young professionals involved throughout the workshop: Eun Sook BAE, Cédric BLEMAND, Thomas Fier, Marie VADECARD, Thomas ZEDIN