Series of 5 workshops in the City of science and industry

The city of Sciences and industry in Paris welcomes, from 15 July to 1 September 2013, the "International Experimental Workshop for the bio-digital City". Five intensive inter-university workshops will take place, in partnership with Universcience, alongside major exhibitions "Living Tomorrow: Reinventing our places of Life", "Leonardo da Vinci", "Design by the way, Finnia Prize 2012", "the economy Crash, Boom, molt "and" Futurotextiles ". These workshops will allow the exchange between students, teachers, professionals and the public. They will be associated with a cycle of lectures to feed the reflection and debate on the issues and the paths of evolution of our cities and territories. Towards a digital city and an urban agriculture bio-high-tech the preservation of our planet imposes the invention and the construction of cities with high technical and ecological performances. These cities will have to be "recyclers" and very economical in energy, water and natural resources. A major challenge is to control high urban densities in order to better preserve farmland. Density is not necessarily synonymous with bad living, but it imposes other ways of lodging, of feeding, of working, of producing, of entertaining, of forming or of resting in the city, of collaborating. New processes, new manufactures, new sustainable and efficient industrial techniques can make the new contemporary requirements and the imperatives of a more intensive and less harmful city compatible. These are the assumptions from which the reflection will be built during the workshops. The objective is to experiment with the most advanced techniques in a dense, high-adaptability, high-durability, better habitable city, including a high-tech, organic, productive urban agriculture. The task will be to formulate and explore paths of work on urban models using massive new tools, especially digital ones, and more solidarity-based and better-shared lifestyles at the local level. The operation is located on the Marne and Chantereine agglomeration community, in the Paris region. It is treated in partnership with this territorial community.  
5 workshops, 5 themes:-Workshop 1: "Parametric" (13-22 July)-Workshop 2: "Automation" (23 July-1 August)-Workshop 3: "Sharing" (2-11 August)-Workshop 4: "Hybridization" (12-21 August)-Workshop 5: "Self-Organization" (22-31 August)