The Biodigital City-International Workshop and Research seminar from July 19 to 28, 2012

Technologies, cultural trends and lifestyles:
The new technologies that can be integrated into the city, in the long term, are those that accompany the human tendencies and desires of the inhabitants, without creating additional constraints on the way of life. Yet they will not fail to influence
Lifestyles. Here are some non-exhaustive themes that will be at the heart of the workshop's reflection.

Collective, collaborative, participatory:
In the history of cities, it is noted that growth and densification are combined with mutualisation
and a sharing of spaces and functions. And this sharing is often allowed by the use of new tools and techniques. Digital technologies offer opportunities for real-time dialogue, multi-stakeholder management of spaces and objects over time. They
Open the way to new mutualisation and a possible increase in usability.
The real Time:
Beacons, sensors and transmitters, intelligent networks (smart grids) are used to measure, locate, track and direct in real time a considerable number of objects, phenomena or streams. Applied to urban metabolism, they could be used to optimise and solve saturation problems…
Mobility and Flexibility:
Digital technologies have become mobile. The human being moves with all kinds of devices that transform his relationships instead.
The feeling of being at home everywhere and all the time highlights the qualities of space such as flexibility, fluidity, versatility, accessibility…
Prosthetics and Robotization:
At all times man has designed prosthetics to prolong his body or part of it and increase his ability to act. Progress in the field of artificial intelligence, which multiplies the human nervous system, makes it possible to imagine the automation or the robotization of many activities of the city.
Urban Nature:
The farms are now being scrutinized by satellites and cultivated with GPS assistance, while in some cities the inhabitants invest wastelands to cultivate gardens collectively. The status of the urban nature oscillates between a productive environment, controlled and optimised by the technique and a culture of the garden.