A bio-digital workshop at CAAD futures 2019 (South Korea)

French architects Claire BAILLY and Jean MAGERAND are invited to the CAAD FUTURES 2019 (computer aided architectural design) Forum to be held in South Korea, on the campus of the prestigious KAIST (Korean Advanced Institute of science and technology). They will lead one of the 7 international workshops organized in this high place of world meeting of architectural avant-garde.

Founders of the international experimental workshop for the bio-digital city, they place digital and projetuelle ecology at the Centre of the current conceptual and cultural revolution. They will carry the French specificity that they have developed within the bio-digital movement, the EVCAU laboratory and the ENSA Paris-Val de Seine. Their workshop is titled "hybridizing digital culture and ecology: toward new biomimicry for city, landscape, architecture and Agriculture". In South Korea, they will experiment with new procedures for dynamic bio-mimicry. The objective is to hybridize methods from eco-systemmie, deep learning and data mining. The aim will be to Institute and experiment, at the confines of the science of complexity, new organizations and new architectural, urban, landscape or agronomic approaches sustainable. Information on the workshop and Conference CAAD futures 2019: http://caadfutures2019.kaist.ac.kr/