New residence of the Experimental Lab of the Cité des Sciences : Call for applications

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Universcience in partnership with the International experimental Studio for  bio-digital City welcomes  an Experimental Lab in residence at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie. The Lab is about digital city and urban bio-high-tech agriculture.

It is an experimental Laboratory in residence, open to students and young professionals in architecture, urbanism, landscape, computing, robotics, agronomy, biology, sociology, art, modeling, political science, engineering, urban engineering, geography, design, graphic design, journalism, communication or any other discipline concerned with the city of the future.

The aims :

To experience the most advanced techniques in a dense, high adaptable, high durable, better livable city, including a high-tech, biological, productive, urban agriculture given the constraints of climate change : a  » digital city and bio-high-tech urban agriculture « .
To facilitate an exchange between students, teachers, researchers, professionals and the public for a reflection and a debate on the issues and possible developments of our cities and of our territories.

Organization: the Lab settles in the Cité des Sciences’ greenhouse. For each of the three sessions, it brings together 5-10 residents working in teams 

next session : October 3rd –  november 17th, 2017


How to apply

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Applications consisting of multidisciplinary teams are encouraged.

For further information on the program, conditions of participation, or for the complete rules of this call for applications, contact : atelierbionumerique (at)

  • You are a student or recent graduate, send to atelierbionumerique(at) :

a text (maximum 2000 characters), specifying your motivations, the main points you plan to develop within the theme, the links already established between your specialty and new digital tools.
A resume summarized in 10 lines with your work related to the theme. You can attach : illustrations, maps, drawings, texts

Some trainees may be selected to participate in the Lab, or at its organization and its communication. These project or research training have a duration of 3 to 8 weeks. They will be validated as part of the curriculum in schools and universities of origin.

  • You are a professional concerned by the new urban approaches, the specific terms of registration will be forwarded upon request to: atelierbionumerique (at)



The International experimental Studio for  bio-Digital City, led by Claire Bailly, landscaper, urban planner, architect and teacher, and Jean Magerand, landscape architect, urban planner, architect, director of theses at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Mons.

Professors from Yeungnam University (South Korea), National School of Industrial Creation (ENSCI), National School of Architecture of Montpellier, Faculty of Architecture of Mons University (Belgium) will participate in the supervision of the Lab.

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