Conference of Marcos Novak//experimental laboratory in residence at the city of Sciences

Marcos Novak _ Transvergence Diagram_2002 The experimental laboratory in Residence Presents: Conference of Marcos NOVAK in the city of science and Industry, on 27 November 2015 at 10.30 am transverging Fate Maps: From the AlloBio to the city bio-Digital

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The concept of transvergence is established as a continuation of transarchitecture, exploring phenomena of transformation and speciation across the transmodal continuum from technologies to the humanities, from engineering to Mathematics, arts and sciences. From architecture and music to Morphogenesis and cosmogenesis, this conference questions the ways in which the lighting given by biology can inform the manufacture of the 21st Century City.

Marcos Novak, architect, researcher, architectural theorist and teacher, graduated in architecture and computer science. His work, based on architecture, music and computing but also influenced by art, science and technology, deliberately defies any categorization. Invited worldwide, he is the author of many texts translated in nearly twenty languages and in more than 70 countries. Its projects are regularly exposed (ARCHILAB 2001; Biennales of Venice, 2000, 2004 and 2008…). In 2008, the title of his manifesto “Transmitting Architecture” (1995) was the theme of the 23rd International Congress of the International Union of Architects (UIA). Marcos Novak is currently a professor at the University of Santa Barbara, California, co-director of the Media Arts and Technology Program (MAT) and director of the TransLAB. The conference is organized as part of the experimental laboratory in residence in the city of science and industry. It will take place at the Espace EM 10, under the greenhouse of the city which hosts the laboratory. Access to the Conference requires a ticket to explore. The International Experimental Workshop for the city Bio-Numérique offers free access to the conference and exhibitions explored to the first 30 registrants. To register: Click here * Explora exhibition Access ticket: Full fare: €9, Reduced rate: €7, subscriber rate: Free