future. E. S: "low tech-high tech, what is a militant architecture today?"

The architectural, urban, landscape and agronomic avant-garde will be honoured on 13 and 14 June 2019, at the Festival FUTUR. E.S. (ex futur-en-Seine), a major event of digital French, organized by CAP digital. Jana REVEDIN (UIA) (1), Claire BAILLY and Jean MAGERAND (2) will open the two days of conferences with an Exchange on the theme: "low tech-high tech, what is a militant architecture today?". This event will take place at 9.45 am on June 13th, at the Gobelins Gallery-national furniture: https://futures.paris/evenement/low-tech-hight-tech-quest-ce-quune-architecture-militante-aujourdhui/"in a world where more than half of the population is urban areas, 75% of tomorrow's homes are already built today. Between the climatic upheavals, the migratory crises and the challenge of living together, the Habitat slips at the crossroads of the intimate and the collective to tell the society in which we wish to live. In the face of these great challenges, should architecture automatically adopt a militant posture? Through what standards? And what role for tech and digital in this process? "

(1) Jana REVEDIN is an architect, UNESCO delegate to the education and Research Commission of the International Union of architects, researcher and Professor of architecture at the University of Venice, creator of the global award for sustainable architecture.
(2) Claire BAILLY and Jean MAGERAND are architects and researchers in information and communication science. They are landscapers, urbanists, teachers at the school of architecture of Paris-Val de Seine, researchers at the EVCAU laboratory, co-founders of the experimental laboratory of the city of Sciences, founders of the bio-digital movement and the workshop international experimental for the Cité bio-digital.