Workshop in Seoul (Seoul Citizen Hall)

IMG_5018 This workshop is a workshop of MediArchi (Media + architecture), with international students in architecture, urbanism, landscape and multi-media advanced. This workshop is held at the same time as 2 conference days involving experts, and an exhibition of ‘ 5 artists + 5 Architects ‘ around the theme “Bio-Digital”. The event is also an international cooperation between the City of Seoul and the French Embassy in Korea.

Partners Seoul Citizen Hall, Embassy of France in Korea, Seoul Citizen Office, International Urban Institute, Universcience/Cité des sciences et de l’industrie in Paris, Yeungnam University, French Institute, Université de Mons (Belgium), International Workshop for the Biodigital city, DMP Partners (Seoul)

Jury/Coordination Baek SeungMan (professor at Yeungnam University, Korea), Jean MAGERAND (Professor Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Université de Mons, Belgium), Claire BAILLY (Ecole d’architecture de Montpellier, France), Kim Hyeonggi (University of Chung-Ang, Seoul, Korea), Mun Jinho (Representative DMP), Son Sukyoung (director Deojum Art Centre)
Organizing Committee

Baek SeungMan (University Yeungnam Direction ensemble), Son Sukyoung (Deojum Art Centre, exhibition), Choe Jeongpil (Seoul Civil Administration, Production space supervisor), Kim Gihong 1 (Kyosks, Executive adviser), Kim Gihong 2 (( 3d printing), Bak Hyerin (Ewha Women’s University, ensemble design)

Teachers Kim Gihong (urban design director KyOsk, architect DPLG français), Yi Jongeun (Mindbrick Director of Design Lab, French architect DPLG), Kim Byeonggyu (Chung-Ang University, Graduate School of Advanced Imaging, Ph.D., DATA + Lab), Kim Sug-Won (Seoul National University, PhD, University College London + AA school), Lee Young-Seok (urban Index Holdings, London Cambridge Univ + AA school), Song Seon (Chung-Ang University PhD Graduate School of Advanced Imaging, DATA + laboratory), Kim Dongjo (Chung-Ang University, advanced Imaging, Ph.D., DATA + Lab), Woo JJonghyeon (Hansen GSD, Rotterdam Berlage), An Na (Ankun Design Group, Rotterdam Berlage + Univ. Of the Arts of London), Jeong Haehyeon (Chung-Ang University PhD Graduate School of Advanced Imaging, DATA + Lab) Participants-35 students from Korea-1 student from the United States-student from Canada-5 students from Europe representing 20 different universities:- 13 Korean Universities (3 from province + 10 from Seoul)-1 American University-1 Canadian University-4 European universities