"To complex city, augmented urban project?"

Text by Claire Bailly, published in the collective book Urbanism in sharing, under the direction of Laurent Viala fourth cover:

The sharing of urban planning reveals itself in the content of the university courses, which requires clarification on the yardstick of a fair knowledge of the practices, the skills sought and the devices, methods and tools of emerging manufacturing. The observation of the Territories and their mutations also provides information on the possible pedagogical guidelines. The understanding of the forms of representation and expression of the profession also questions: Where do the development take place? How are knowledge transfers organized, according to what modalities? What is the nature of the potential resistance? What would allow Urbanism, its animators, to gain in recognition, and which would alleviate the feeling of a reality governed by a multi-urbanism and finally dispersed? The authors — practitioners, teachers, researchers — provide lighting. Some try to decipher the changes to the work in practice, however others deliver their analyses on the profession, its professions. All talk about the perspectives that stand and demand an adaptation of the ways to make the city of tomorrow together. Rémy Ailleret/Claire Bailly/Catherine Bernini-Boissard/Fabien Blasco/Frédéric Bossard/Christophe Demazière/Emmanuelle Gallot-Delamezière/sylvaine Glaizol/Eugène Gréau/Thierry laget/Michèle Larüe-Charlus/Nicolas Lebunetel/Didier Lenoir/ Bernard Lensel/Jean-Pierre Mispelon/Emmanuel slave/Guy Tapie/Elodie Valette/Laurent Viala Montpellier June 2014, Editions de Espérou 20 x 27 cm, 168 p., Colours ISBN: 978-2-91261-73-1