Article "The Bio-Digital Farm: Looking for New Agricultural Models," C. Bailly, J. Magerand

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City and agriculture. Architectural, urban and territorial innovations

Work directed by Lambert Dousson, Hassan Ait Haddou, Brigitte Nougarèdes, Pascale Scheromm, Christophe Soulard, Laurent Viala

"Urban and periurban agriculture, short food circuits, nature in the city, agricultural, food, climate and energy policies of cities, generate new forms of hybridization between city and agriculture, between urbanity and rurality, between "urban dwellers, agricultural workers or practitioners" and urban, suburban or rural farmers. This is why today thinking of city and agriculture, food and urban system, architecture and environment, implies crossing intellectual and practical bridges between urban and rural studies, between technical disciplines (agronomy, architecture , landscape sciences, urban planning) and social sciences (economics, sociology, geography, philosophy). The innovations that are being developed produce arrangements between actors and spaces that concern all the scales of "living": from the building to the urban system, from housing to the territory, through the intermediate scales of the street, the neighbourhood, the suburbs, surrounding countryside. This volume brings together the contributions of architects and market gardeners, teachers and researchers from the "City and Agriculture" seminar. Architectural, urban and territorial innovations," organized at the joint initiative of the AgriCities collective of UMR Innovation, a joint research unit of INRA, CIRAD and Montpellier SupAgro (the National Institute of Graduate Studies Montpellier), and the Innovation Forms EnvironmentS Laboratory (LIFAM), the research unit of the National Graduate School of Architecture in Montpellier, held on June 20, 2017." Claire Bailly / Pierre Belli-Riz / Lucie Boissenin / Emmanuelle Bonneau / Marilou Demongeot / Florence Ghestem / Valérie Helman / Yannick Hoffert / Jean Magerand / Khedidja Mamou / Brigitte Nougarèdes / Pascale Scheromm / Léa Perrotin / Alain Poirot / Richard Raymond / Frédérique Villemur

See the article Here The Bio-Digital Farm: Looking for New Agricultural Models

ISBN: 978-2-912261-96-0 Public price: 18 – 20 x 27 cm, 168 pages Color illustrations July 2019