Symposium "Projecting Architecture, at the Crossroads of Digital and Living": Program

International Symposium // 12 and 13 December 2019 REPORTE to 27 and 28 January 2020 Organization: C. Bailly, J. Magerand, EVCAU Laboratory, ENSAPVS, with the support of the French National Commission of UNESCO and braUP of the Ministry of Culture This symposium will be held on 12 December 28, 2020 (2pm-6pm) and 13 December 28 January 2020 (9am-6pm) at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture in Paris-Val de Seine, 3-15 Quai Panhard and Levasors. He will come across very different perspectives on the relationships between methods related to digital, living, complexity and creation in the broadest sense.

It will be a question of understanding how the algorithm can find its mark within an epistemology of invention and how mathematical procedures can come into synergy with natural organizations. The unique relationships between setting, art and nature will be highlighted in order to identify artificial generative modes inspired by the manufacturing methods of biological organizations.   The presentation of complex procedures, extracted from natural environments and implemented to bring out complex forms, either by setting or genetic algorithms, will put into perspective contemporary biomimetic project approaches.   Similarly, the confrontation between digital and living will allow us to re-examine the organization of spaces and the modalities of the project. Another look can be taken on architecture, territory, artistic approaches or agronomic experiments.   The communications will also focus on how the live/digital confrontation calls for interdisciplinarity. The debate will open up to the doubts and hopes raised by the new tools, even as they allow any urban phenomenon to contextualize by responding to both individual and collective life requirements.   The role of massive data in new access to urban metabolisms will be discussed. Improved environmental performance, the re-qualification of generative modes within urban design approaches, or new ways of citizen participation, will be on the agenda. These contemporary concerns will be re-located in the context of the rise of data-mining, augmented reading of reality and complex approaches to life.   The confrontation of experiments in biological analysis, automation of architectural design or algorithmic creative approaches will help to build a contradictory debate.   Ultimately, it will be a question of better discerning the conceptual horizons that are opening up today, in the tradition of Cybernetics, under the aegis of the new approaches of living organizations and under the impetus of digital. The aim is to better understand the impact of these new methods on architectural, urban, landscape or agronomic project approaches.   Free access within the limit of available places: detailed programme and registration on

Scientific Committee:

Hassan Ait Haddou, mathematician, HDR, LIFAM, ENSAM, France; Seungman Baek, architect, doctor, Yeungnam University, Korea; Claire Bailly, architect, EVCAU laboratory, ENSAPVS, France; Vincent Bécue, architect, doctor, thesis director, UMONS, Belgium; Grégoire Bignier, architect, EVCAU laboratory, ENSAPVS, France; Olivier Bouet, physicist, doctor, LABORATORY EVCAU, ENSAPVS, France; Lambert Dousson, philosopher, doctor, Dijon School of Art, France; Christophe Goupil, physicist, doctor, professor University of Paris, LIED laboratory, France; Patrizia Laudati, architect, HDR Information and Communication Sciences, DeVisu laboratory, Université Polytechnique Hauts de France, France; Patrick Laurenti, geneticist, evolutionist, doctor, University of Paris, LIED laboratory, France; Jean Magerand, architect, doctor, EVCAU, ENSAPVS, France; Antonella Tufano, architect, Doctor EHESS, HDR, ENSAPLV, France; Anne Vanet, biologist, doctor, Institut Jacques Monod, University of Paris, France; John Wilkinson, sociologist, doctor, UFRRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil