“Ecosystemic Arts / Algorithmic Architectures” Exhibition

Faced with ecological challenges, it becomes urgent to find new methods to invent and achieve more virtuous living environments for human beings and for the planet. The fields of creation are intended to propose to experiment new methods, new living environments and new living together. This exhibition brings together inventive experiments – artistic, architectural, pedagogical – that feed scientific methods in order to propose new ways of developing cities, building, or living together. Works by renowned artists, students from schools of architecture, architects, urban planners, landscapers of agronomists, inspired by the biological and digital, will be exhibited to illustrate these new ways of approaching creative practices .

The exhibition Arts Ecosystemics /Algorithmic Architectures brings together inventive experiments and hybridizations to the articulation of natural-complex and artificial-computational. Complex new methods are at the heart of assumptions and debates. Whether high tech or low tech, artistic, architectural, urban or landscape proposals address the issue of new approaches to augmented design. Both living and producing artificial, the augmented human being emerges at the articulation between his two worlds. The issues of the Living and the Digital force society to mutate. Our cultures are being challenged. Between high-performance computing, respect for the biological world, new human conditions, decline, it is urgent to open real debates and collectively build a new future for the planet and humanity. In order to put these new creative avant-gardes into perspective, the exhibition is coupled with an international and interdisciplinary symposium, which will take place on April 9 and 10. The latter will discuss new ways of looking at project approaches in the age of eco-systemia, algorithmicity, data-mining, self-organization and complexity sciences. Commissioner: Claire Bailly and Jean Magerand Associate Commissioner: Frank Chopin October 27 to December 2, 2020