The workshop is part of a prospective approach that aims to imagine a future by confronting the realities and trends of evolution of the territory, lifestyles and technologies. In relation to the above-mentioned problem, the objective will be to test the hypothesis of a
Hyper-collective city consisting of urban units of 5000 inhabitants.
A hyper-dense urban planning offering flexible and high quality lifestyles that allow you to live and live by saving the agricultural surface. Urban units will be conceived on the premise that digital, robotics and biological technologies, which are now germs, can soon be generalized and fully integrated into lifestyles.
In this context, new technologies could maximise and optimise spaces and uses, and solve in real time the problems of urban management, food, environmental impact, recycling and energy saving. The various projects will be implemented in the strategic sites of the greater Paris where are at stake questions of economy of space, preservation of resources, connectivity to networks.