The night of ideas : Smart city, an ideal city?

The International Experimental Workshop for Bio-digital city is invited to the night of ideas 2018. This global event, initiated by the French Institute, is relayed in more than 50 countries. The City of Science and industry participates in this event, with a program called "I imagine Tomorrow", sponsored by Etienne Klein, physicist, philosopher of science. The program : discussions and presentations of work. Claire Bailly and Jean Magerand were invited to open and host a debate on the theme "Smart city, Ideal city?". This intervention is the occasion of an article published by The conversation, partner of the event. Throughout the evening, the work of the Experimental Laboratory (Universcience Partnership/International Experimental Workshop for Bio-digital city) is presented to visitors.   Watch the video of the debate:

6 Conferences to feed the workshop "resilient, climate and digital Habitat"

Meetings from Tuesday 16 to Sunday 21 February at 15h: Tuesday 16 February: “Imagining architecture as a partition” by Cédric Brandilly-plastic urban analyst. Wednesday, February 17: “What City in 2030?” George-Director of the corporate program “City and Building of Tomorrow” Direction Research and Technology ENGIE. Thursday, February 18: “Representations and dynamics of the city” by Gilles Gesquière-professor at the University Lumière Lyon 2 researcher at LIRIS at the CNRS vendredi19 February: “Digital Technologies, City and Architecture: What Stakes for Tomorrow?” by Serge Wachter-Professor at the ENSAPLV Saturday 20 February: “Living environment and digital solidarity” by Claire Bailly-landscape architect, teacher-and Jean Magerand-landscape architect teacher Sunday 21 February: “Social housing in the European Union” Soviet: Training and mutations “by LiudmilaPiskareva-PhD student Université Paris Diderot

Workshop in Seoul (Seoul Citizen Hall)

IMG_5018 This workshop is a workshop of MediArchi (Media + architecture), with international students in architecture, urbanism, landscape and multi-media advanced. This workshop is held at the same time as 2 conference days involving experts, and an exhibition of ‘ 5 artists + 5 Architects ‘ around the theme “Bio-Digital”. The event is also an international cooperation between the City of Seoul and the French Embassy in Korea.

Partners Seoul Citizen Hall, Embassy of France in Korea, Seoul Citizen Office, International Urban Institute, Universcience/Cité des sciences et de l’industrie in Paris, Yeungnam University, French Institute, Université de Mons (Belgium), International Workshop for the Biodigital city, DMP Partners (Seoul)

Jury/Coordination Baek SeungMan (professor at Yeungnam University, Korea), Jean MAGERAND (Professor Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Université de Mons, Belgium), Claire BAILLY (Ecole d’architecture de Montpellier, France), Kim Hyeonggi (University of Chung-Ang, Seoul, Korea), Mun Jinho (Representative DMP), Son Sukyoung (director Deojum Art Centre)
Organizing Committee

Baek SeungMan (University Yeungnam Direction ensemble), Son Sukyoung (Deojum Art Centre, exhibition), Choe Jeongpil (Seoul Civil Administration, Production space supervisor), Kim Gihong 1 (Kyosks, Executive adviser), Kim Gihong 2 (( 3d printing), Bak Hyerin (Ewha Women’s University, ensemble design)

Teachers Kim Gihong (urban design director KyOsk, architect DPLG français), Yi Jongeun (Mindbrick Director of Design Lab, French architect DPLG), Kim Byeonggyu (Chung-Ang University, Graduate School of Advanced Imaging, Ph.D., DATA + Lab), Kim Sug-Won (Seoul National University, PhD, University College London + AA school), Lee Young-Seok (urban Index Holdings, London Cambridge Univ + AA school), Song Seon (Chung-Ang University PhD Graduate School of Advanced Imaging, DATA + laboratory), Kim Dongjo (Chung-Ang University, advanced Imaging, Ph.D., DATA + Lab), Woo JJonghyeon (Hansen GSD, Rotterdam Berlage), An Na (Ankun Design Group, Rotterdam Berlage + Univ. Of the Arts of London), Jeong Haehyeon (Chung-Ang University PhD Graduate School of Advanced Imaging, DATA + Lab) Participants-35 students from Korea-1 student from the United States-student from Canada-5 students from Europe representing 20 different universities:- 13 Korean Universities (3 from province + 10 from Seoul)-1 American University-1 Canadian University-4 European universities

Series of 5 workshops in the City of science and industry

The city of Sciences and industry in Paris welcomes, from 15 July to 1 September 2013, the "International Experimental Workshop for the bio-digital City". Five intensive inter-university workshops will take place, in partnership with Universcience, alongside major exhibitions "Living Tomorrow: Reinventing our places of Life", "Leonardo da Vinci", "Design by the way, Finnia Prize 2012", "the economy Crash, Boom, molt "and" Futurotextiles ". These workshops will allow the exchange between students, teachers, professionals and the public. They will be associated with a cycle of lectures to feed the reflection and debate on the issues and the paths of evolution of our cities and territories. Continue reading

The workshops, a living exhibition: 22 000 visitors

Photo 14-08-13 14 37 03-Copy The public has participated massively in the reflection conducted in the workshops by passing exposed models, to the ipads where they were able to give their personal version of the city of the future, and by visiting the workshop during the 3 visits organized each day, and animated By the scientific mediation team. In total, approximately 22 000 visitors benefited from at least one of the proposed activities. Continue reading