• Claire Bailly-Jean Magerand: Biodigital presentation
  • Prof. Seugman Baek: Seoul Renaissance; Seoul for the Future
  • Armand Béhar: Imaginary Worlds
  • Bertrand Lemoine: Presentation of the Grand Paris context
  • Roland Vidal: Agriculture, landscape and food governance
  • Angel Talamona: Instant mobile social networks and urban mobility
  • André Fleury: Agriculture projects
  • Claire Bailly-Jean Magerand: Contemporary Issues
  • Pierre-Yvon Carnoy: Public spaces and digital spaces, writings and interpretations
  • Elodie Gerard: BIM and 3d in an architectural agency
  • Eve Ross: Collaborative model
  • Emmanuel Natchitz: Urban and ICT engineering
    Young professionals involved throughout the workshop: Eun Sook BAE, Cédric BLEMAND, Thomas Fier, Marie VADECARD, Thomas ZEDIN

Series of 5 workshops in the City of science and industry

The city of Sciences and industry in Paris welcomes, from 15 July to 1 September 2013, the "International Experimental Workshop for the bio-digital City". Five intensive inter-university workshops will take place, in partnership with Universcience, alongside major exhibitions "Living Tomorrow: Reinventing our places of Life", "Leonardo da Vinci", "Design by the way, Finnia Prize 2012", "the economy Crash, Boom, molt "and" Futurotextiles ". These workshops will allow the exchange between students, teachers, professionals and the public. They will be associated with a cycle of lectures to feed the reflection and debate on the issues and the paths of evolution of our cities and territories. Continue reading

The workshops, a living exhibition: 22 000 visitors

Photo 14-08-13 14 37 03-Copy The public has participated massively in the reflection conducted in the workshops by passing exposed models, to the ipads where they were able to give their personal version of the city of the future, and by visiting the workshop during the 3 visits organized each day, and animated By the scientific mediation team. In total, approximately 22 000 visitors benefited from at least one of the proposed activities. Continue reading

"The City in 2112", Bratislava, 2012

The reflection work undertaken by the City Council of Bratislava on the long-term urban development of the Slovak capital has thus benefited from the expertise of Serge Wachter, Jean Magerand, Alain Renk and Chris Younès, who, alongside German experts, have Shared their analyses and visions of the city of the future, through transdisciplinary exchanges combining in an original way prospective and utopia. Find the full article on the website of the French Institute in Slovakia

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